Title: P.O.V
Director & Choreographer: Jadd Tank
In collaboration with: Dancers & Visual Artists
Format: Arena style staging.
Runtime: 60 minutes. 
Performers: 1-4 dancers, 4 visual artists. 
Location: Theaters, galleries, site specific. 

> Errors are errors only if unintended. But even the unintended can be received by the viewer as being ‘with purpose’. So the saying is true, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We come in direct contact with art and our experience is a personal matter - The art & the subject. But what happens when the viewer is once removed, no longer necessarily in direct relation to the art, rather to another subject who forms the parent relationship (that of the art & the subject). Does the art shift? Is there an element of voyeurism? What becomes of the viewer when they are asked to watch another viewer’s interpretation of the art?

P.O.V summons in us an experience of interpretation, where the dancer, visual artist and audience enter together into a grey area, void of definitive meaning and full of infinite wonder. Throughout the performance, four visual artists engage in their personal renderings of the dance beheld in front of them, put onto paper by means of their preferred tool. By exposing the process of creation, P.O.V suggests that the conversation between artist and subject is uncomfortably dynamic, where nothing is finite and every interpretation is both valid and invalid simultaneously.
The performance is followed immediately by an exhibition of the art created by the visual artists during the performance. The art is available for purchase upon the discretion of the artists. 

> Citerne Beirut, Lebanon. July 2019 Premiere. Premiere in collaboration with Citerne Beirut, Lebanese Talents, Ghassan Ouais. Featuring Mia Habis, Simon Mhanna, Lea Bou Habib, Petram Chalach, Ghassan Ouais, Jadd Tank.

Interested in setting P.O.V in your theater or gallery? Contact me! 

Ben Dover

Photography Performance Series

Ben Dover is a commissioned photo-performance series on the ‘queering of space’. The series questions the codification of domestic and private spaces by injecting into them a queer nude body and suspending the experience visually in time. The challenge is in the subtle occupation of an otherwise ‘unsuitable’ space, through a soft yet effective spatial-hacking process:

>Ben Dover is received at the location in which the photo will be taken and installed.
>Ben Dover sets up the installation, giving the patron and guests a chance to witness the performance or left to be done in privacy. 
>Ben Dover strips down into the nude and proceeds to capture the body, usually in a folded position. 
>The photo is then developed, framed and presented to the patron. 
>Patron installs the photo in the same space that Ben Dover occupied. 
>Ben Dover exists in that space indefinitely. 

Contact me for your very own Ben Dover Photo-Performance! Newly Commission or “Print-à-Porter” now available. 

Fashet Khele2

[Release that Energy!]
a dance class for all

Tired of sitting on your ass all day?
Working too hard for that small end-of-year bonus? Politics making you want to ditch planet Earth?
Well then... this class is for you!

This is a 60 minute non-stop dance class to music you can’t resist. Release pent up energy, learn to move in new ways, develop your mobility skills & express yourself like never before!

Please note: This is a queer friendly, all inclusive experience. All are welcome. There is no wrong or right way of doing things. The class approaches with a soft-method of learning, where each individual grows at their own pace. The goal is to release tension and pressure that is a result of built up and trapped energy, while moving the body and mind through a series of curated movements. 

 Classes in Beirut, Lebanon. Located at Art Lab. 7:30pm. 10,000 LL admission.