Vladimir Kurumilian x Jadd Tank
Official Music Video (2020)

‘And now I witness that no walls are getting closer, and no arms pushing them further’

Director: Firas El Hallak
Producer: Marc Fadel

Choreography & Performance: Jadd Tank

Director of Photography: Mark Khalife
Editor: Stephanie Nassar (ploushka.com)
Colorist: Chrystel Elias - Lucid

Music Production: Luca Longorbardi
Mixing & Mastering: Ziad Moukarzel

Wardrobe Stylist: Lary Bou Safi
Make-up & Hair Stylist: Moe Rida
1st Assistant Camera: Khaled Abi Jomaa

2nd Assistant Camera: Ashraf Al Sayed
DIT: Assaad Khoueiry
Gaffer: Georges Waked
Sparks: Tony Tashjir, Taymour Kassamani, & Elie Khoury
Electrician: Chadi Chehade
Unit Manager: Eid Mrad & Tamer El Sayad

Behind the Scenes: Nader Bahsoun

Camera & Lighting Equipment: Platform Studios

Catering: Crepaway

Special Thanks to:
Chahe & Serge Imasdounian - Location
Albert Thoumy - Crepaway
Chant Etyemezian - Platform Studios
Elie Eid - Grip Box
Eid Mrad - Mrad Company
Lucid Post
Joe Saade
Krystel Abi Karam
Nader Tfayli

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an installation and short-film by Tara & Tessa Sakhi

Director & Cinematography: Dei El Ayoubi
Story: Tara & Tessa Sakhi and Dei El Ayoubi

Choreography & Performance: Jadd Tank

Composer & Sound Designer: Fadi Tabbal (Tunefork Studios)
Editor: Rémie Maksoud
Colorist: Belal Hibri (Lucid Post)
Production: T Sakhi
Runtime of live performance: 60 minutes. 
Location: Dubai Design Week 2019 Edition, Dubai UAE

> For the edition of Abwab as part of Dubai Design Week 2019, designers were invited to recreate the local classrooms of their cultures through the theme “ways of learning”. T SAKHI responded to the year’s theme for the Lebanon pavilion, with an interactive wall portraying the socio-political barriers in our society through a psychological and physiological journey for its visitors.

"Wal(l)tz takes you on a psychological journey, hinting at the resilience of Humanity in the face of adversity and reflecting the voices rising against oppression in Lebanon - and globally - today.

A time capsule of emotions confined between walls.

Wal(l)tz is an installation designed by T SAKHI, a 15 linear meter wall portraying the socio-political barriers in society.

This is Volume 4 from Tangents, a series of short-films produced by duo architects and sisters - Tessa & Tara Sakhi. Tangents is born from the two sister’s eagerness to revisit each space they designed through a fantasy, intersecting architecture with film, performance, fashion and music.

> Text by Tara & Tessa Sakhi. 

Interested in collaborating on interactive installations and site-specific performance & film? Contact me!