Dance Audition

Audition Info
December 17th, 2023
7:30pm - 9:00pm
Houston Met Dance  
Steven Boyd Studio.
4916 Main Street, Suite 100

This is a paid production. All dancers selected will be compensated for rehearsals, technical runs & performances


About Bourgeois-Z

Bourgeois-Z is a dance performance based in the modern/post-modern movement technique and dramaturgy. If you are a dancer and/or a physical theater performer interested and able to partake in a creative process throughout Spring/Summer of 2024, then you’ve come to the right place!

In its 3rd rendition, Bourgeois-Z will have a USA premiere during the 2024 Barnstorm Festival in Houston, Texas.

Bourgeois-Z explores the architectural and emotional effects of capitalism on our cultures, bodies and choices. In 12 minutes or so, Bourgeois-Z brings audiences face to face with the backhanded reality of resiliency as a celebrated architype of human experience that results directly from a system which creates the very conditions in which resiliency is needed. In 12 minutes or so, we will experience reward, loss, celebration, mourning, urgency and rebellion. In 12 minutes or so, we will build, inaugurate and dismantle the myth and legend of capitalism. 

Bourgeois-Z is created by Jadd Tank

Previous performances include: 
  1. Il Festival Danza In Rete 2018,
    Vincenza Italy (Premiere) - Solo 
  2. Il Festival Inequilibrio 2018,
    Castiglioncello Italy - Duet with Nora Alami 
  3. Spoleto Festival Dei Mondi 2018,
    Spoleto Italy - Duet with Nora Alami

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