an installation and short-film by Tara & Tessa Sakhi

Production: Tara & Tessa Sakhi,Dei El Ayoubi
Genre: Live dance & short-film
Choreography & Performance: Jadd Tank

> For the edition of Abwab as part of Dubai Design Week 2019, designers were invited to recreate the local classrooms of their cultures through the theme “ways of learning”. T SAKHI responded to the year’s theme for the Lebanon pavilion, with an interactive wall portraying the socio-political barriers in our society through a psychological and physiological journey for its visitors.

Wal(l)tz takes you on a psychological journey, hinting at the resilience of Humanity in the face of adversity and reflecting the voices rising against oppression in Lebanon - and globally - today.

> Text by Tara & Tessa Sakhi. 

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