Immersive Digital Installation 

Production: Yaraqa
Genre: Film, Immersive Installation, Dance
Creative Design Lead, Co-Choreographer: Jadd Tank

> Commissioned and designed for the Lebanese Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 Dubai, UAE.

Together We Walk is an immersive installation composed of digital monoliths, representing fragments of our existence as Lebanese people... A people navigating the ambiguity of contemporary history as others are across the globe.

Situated in the locations of grief, resiliency and hope, Together We Walk brings the audience in direct contact with Lebanese society as they cope with the reality of a financial, sociopolitical and environmental crisis.

Seven performers locomote within and between the monoliths in moments of absurdity and physical comedy, all of which lend themselves to a non-linear storyline. This experience invites the audience to assemble personal understandings of and relationships to their own existence, depending on which pathways they choose to walk the installation. 

Together We Walk pulses with an intimate energy of grit, while constantly bringing up questions of the self, community, and co-existence that are universal to all. 

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