Hello - Let me jump right to it...

Jadd Tank here. Welcome to my digital studio.

I am a performing artist and choreographer. 

My passion for choreography and dance lies in the exploration of boundless possibilities in which objects,
bodies and events relate to each other: the spaces we create and the identities that spaces create for us.

Nurtured by the cultural intersection of Lebanese and Midwestern traditions, I am approaching contemporary
performance art and creation with an aesthetic that reflects a versatile mélange – Mediterranean culture,
dramaturgy, architecture and postmodern movement techniques. 

Performance-wise, I have toured and worked internationally with my own creations and those of Maqamat Dance Company,
2019 Dorris Duke Artist award winner Michelle Ellsworth, Alias Guilherme Botelho, Marcel Leemann, and Cristina Goletti.

I have collaborated, choreographed and performed in music videos of Vladimir Kurumilian, Mashrou’ Leila and
the digital works of Design House T Sakhi and Dubai-based director Dei El-Ayoubi.
In addition, I choreographed for
director Susan Youssef’s feature films Marjoun & The Flying Headscarf (2019) and Amsterdam to Anatolia (2019).

In 2016 I presented a TEDx performative talk at the Sziget Festival. I have been a featured choreographer
and performer for the 2017 and 2018 Focus on Mediterranean Choreography series in Italy – performing
my solo Liberté Toujours and duet Bourgeois-Z in Castiglioncello, Spoleto and Vicenza.

I am always ready for collaborations within or across different fields. Feel free to reach out to me
for more information. We can meet over a cup of coffee or somewhere on the internet and get s#!t done!

Biography in third-person is available upon request.

Please find my curriculum Vitae here. 

The home video was created for the wormhole ventures by Kahkeshan Dance in Tehran, Iran. You can view the video with sound here.