Fashet Khele’

[Arabic for: A release of pent-up energy!]
a dance class for all

Tired of sitting on your ass all day?
Working too hard for that small end-of-year bonus? Politics making you want to ditch planet Earth?
Well then... this class is for you!

This is a 60 minute non-stop dance class to music you can’t resist. Release pent-up energy, learn to move in new ways, develop your mobility skills & express yourself like never before!

Please note: This is a queer friendly, all inclusive experience. All are welcome. There is no wrong or right way of doing things. The class approaches a soft-method of learning, where each individual grows at their own pace. The goal is to release tension and pressure that is a result of built-up and trapped energy, while moving the body and mind through a series of curated movements. 

  Classes currently unavailable due to Covid-19 Social Distancing. Mask up, friends!