My love for design lies in the exploration of boundless possibilities in which objects, bodies and events relate to one another: The spaces we create and the identities that spaces create for us. Nurtured by the cultural intersection of Lebanese and Midwestern tradition, my aesthetic reflects a versatile mix of interests ranging from textiles and architecture, to set design, contemporary performance and virtual reality. Drawing inspiration from my work as a choreographer, I infuse the lexicon of design with elements of dance and theatre, creating an experience in which space and its occupants are constantly moving and conversing with one another. From the eclectic interiors of a New York City apartment to an intimate exploration of choreography in Spoleto Italy, I aim to render an element of ‘je ne sais quoi’ into everything I do. I have designed spaces in Beirut, Denver and New York City, where I merged forces with Gabriel Masson to create Masson & Tank. The bulk of interiors and dossiers found on this site are a result of our collaboration.