Director & Choreographer: Jadd Tank
Format: Proscenium. Blackbox
Runtime: 30 minutes
Performers: Nora Alami, Jadd Tank
Music: Variety
Props: Solar Blankets. E-Cigarette. Chair
Location: Theater

A box. A box creates two spaces - interior and exterior. Once, the box was finite and limited in volume and capacity. Containing, containment, container. Today even to see oneself as being outside of this box has become an observation common from within it. The box is winning. The box has learned to survive by absorbing everything outside of it. And now, to fight and rebel against the box only makes it bigger and stronger. Is there a way to stop this virus-esque growth? A tool, maybe, to puncture this box and let new air in? A disruptive act of absurdity? This is the location of Bourgeois-Z and the content it is examining.

Part dance/part theater, Bourgeois-Z comically and briefly attempts to explore the architecture and function of one element contained in this box: The body.

In collaboration with Nora Alami.

Performed In Italy:
Il Festival Inequilibrio 2018, Castiglioncello
Spoleto Festival Dei Mondi 2018, Spoleto
Il Festival Danza In Rete 2018, Vincenza (Premiere)

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