Ben Dover

Photography Performance Series

Ben Dover is a commissioned photo-performance series on the ‘queering of space’. The series questions the codification of domestic and private spaces by injecting into them a queer nude body and suspending the experience visually in time. The challenge is in the subtle occupation of an otherwise ‘unsuitable’ space, through a soft yet effective spatial-hacking process:

>Ben Dover is received at the location in which the photo will be taken and installed.
>Ben Dover sets up the installation, giving the patron and guests a chance to witness the performance or left to be done in privacy. 
>Ben Dover strips down into the nude and proceeds to capture the body, usually in a folded position. 
>The photo is then developed, framed and presented to the patron. 
>Patron installs the photo in the same space that Ben Dover occupied. 
>Ben Dover exists in that space indefinitely. 

Contact me for your very own Ben Dover Photo-Performance! Newly Commission or “Print-à-Porter” now available.