Production: Yaraqa 
Genre: Immersive Site-Specific Performance
Creative Design Lead, Host: Jadd Tank

Before You Go plays with the experience of being a stranger in your hometown, through a walkable trail of performances in site specific locations. Photos and trailer reflect the performance which took place in 2022 Beirut, Lebanon as part of the British Council IN BETWEEN Festival.
We at Yaraqa designed Before You Go as a performance experience of roughly 100 minutes in the form of a walking trail. Interspersed with site-specific dance performances in public and private, outdoor and indoor spaces, this show is a guided journey where reality and fiction blend together, transforming the common into an open field of possibilities.

In addition, we built Before You Go to engage collaborators as co-creators of diverse performances that vary in contemporary dance & movement genres. They range from Ready-Made performances that are brought in by the artists and adapted to the space or created exclusively for the space, Process-Oriented presentations of works that are currently in the making, and Hypothetical performances which engage the audience’s imagination through the use of storytelling. We did this to give local artists the possibility of performing their own work, gain access to new audiences and expand their work into site-specific format. 

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