3rd Body

Genre: Live Performance
Creation, Design & Performance: Jadd Tank & Nora Alami

3rd Body is a play about the Other.
3rd Body is told through dance.
3rd Body navigates experiences of being Arab,
As told by Arabs,
Who were told about their Arab-ism
By Others.

"Located in the discomfort of discussing identity, 3rd Body manifests a type of longing understood by those who seek to belong."

3rd Body has premiered in part at the La MaMa Moves! Festival (2023) in partnership with the New York Arab Festival. 3rd Body has been supported by the 2021 JACK Residency, 2021 BRIClab: Performing Arts Residency, Rest and Restore Residency at The Petronio Center & the 2022 Houston Metropolitan Dance Center Residency.


"3rd Body is a sweaty, daring, deeply felt, visually arresting exploration of the tension between two identities. Jadd and Nora have a wild and unpredictable chemistry that kept me riveted throughout." - Lia Bonfilio

"It has been a privilege to step into different moments of Nora and Jadd's process, seeing what sticks and what moves through over time. Their emotional and artistic bond is palpable while watching them perform together, agreeing with and navigating around each other through movement, fabric, song and sound." - Sofia Franklin

"3rd body is a masterful work of movement, words and imagination that provokes you enough to start to see the world in a new light, but not so much so you still have plenty to think about on your walk home." - Sylvie Scowcroft

"I found 3rd Body to be an exciting, thought-provoking experience. And inspite of the serious nature of the topic, there was also playfulness and fun woven in." - Margo Stitts Toombs

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